Provider Training Quiz

1. What does Healthy Start legislation require prenatal providers to do?(Required)
2. What does the screening form assess?(Required)
3. Who should you refer for Healthy Start services?
4. What will happen if screening forms are submitted incomplete?(Required)
5. Use the example screening form (click to download at the top of this web page) to answer the following 4 questions beginning with: What is the answer to question #19 (pregnancy interval)?(Required)
6. What is the answer to # 20 (trimester at 1st prenatal visit)?(Required)
7. What is the total screening score (don't forget your answers to questions #19 & 20)?(Required)
8. Would you refer for services?(Required)
9. The training information will help me in the Healthy Start screening process.(Required)
10. I learned new information I didn't previously know.(Required)

To complete the quiz, you will need to view the sample screening form found here: