Screening Requirements

(FL Statute 383.14)

Complete a screening form for every woman at her first prenatal appointment, regardless of income level or insurance status.

Provide an explanation of Healthy Start services and inform the patient of her risk status.

Maintain a completed copy of the screening form in the patient's medical record (white & yellow get submitted to Healthy Start, the pink copy goes in the medical record, the green copy goes to the patient).

If the patient objects to screening and completion of the demographic section, the healthcare provider becomes responsible for entering this information.

Submit screening forms in a timely manner via the courtesy courier service that's offered in Orange County.

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Top 7 Reasons to Refer Regardless of Screening ​Score

  • ​​​Previous poor birth outcomes (preterm birth, low birth weight baby, baby not born alive)
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Chronic illness (diabetes, hypertension or obesity)
  • Safety issues (domestic violence)
  • Use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs
  • Mental health concerns
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections

Screening Best Practices

  • Include the screening form with other intake paperwork. This shows your patients that you value the importance of the Healthy Start screening tool.
  • Understand the purpose of screening & services available. Knowing that the screening form identifies women at risk for delivering their baby too soon or at a low birth weight will help you be able to explain the importance of screening form completion to your patients and get them connected to services to improve their chances for the best birth outcome possible. Healthy Start is a benefit to your patients!
  • Dedicate a staff person to review screening results with patients. Offices who finish the screening form completion with their patients and review screening results (statute requirements state that the provider will inform women of their risk status) have the highest screening rates.
  • In addition, a consumer research study showed that persons who completed the screening form with a nurse or physician answered questions more accurately and honestly, giving a better indicator of risk status.
  • Devote a staff person to review forms prior to submission. This ensures forms are completed in their entirety to be in compliance with Florida Statutes, but even more importantly, gets your patients into early educational and support services to have a greater positive impact on their pregnancy health outcome.
  • Schedule training for new staff and refresher training for veteran staff. Incorporate Healthy Start training as part of your new-hire training.