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Nurse Family Partnership Program

Every Dollar Invested in NFP Can Yield More Than Five Dollars in Return

Program Goals

  • Improve pregnancy outcomes
  • Improve child health and development
  • ​Improve parents' economic self-sufficiency

Who Can Enroll in the Program?

Any pregnant woman who:

  • Is less than 28 weeks gestation
  • Will be a first-time mother (first live birth)
  • Meets low-income requirements, such as Medicaid or WIC-eligible
  • ​Orange county, FL, resident

Key Program Components

  • Knowledge, judgment, and skills
  • High levels of trust, low stigma
  • Credibility and perceived authority
  • Nursing theory and practice at the core of the original model

Key Program Components

  • First-time, at-risk mothers
  • Registered nurses
  • Intensive services (intensity, duration)
  • Focus on behavior
  • ​Program fidelity

For more information on the Nurse-Family Partnership, please contact us at

(407) 228-1478

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"There is a magic window during pregnancy...it's a time when the desire to be a good mother and raise a healthy, happy child creates motivation to overcome incredible obstacles including poverty, instability or abuse with the help of a well-trained nurse."

David Olds, Ph.D., Founder of Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) is:

  • An evidence-based, community health program
  • Transforming the lives of vulnerable, first-time mothers living in poverty
  • Improving prenatal care, quality of parenting, and life prospects for mothers by partnering them with a registered nurse